Who we are

Integral Forest Management Ltd. has been providing the forest and mining industries in British Columbia and Alberta regeneration solutions since August 2004. Originally founded to provide silviculture consulting services, since 2008, the role of the company has changed its focus to providing products to regenerate and/or rehabilitate forest landscapes.


Our Mission


To improve and enhance forest regeneration practices in Canada in order to get the most out of the resource that we have been endowed with.


Our Objective


To provide our clients with superior products and knowledge that will enhance and improve their ability to regenerate and restore forest ecosystems.


Our Background


Company founder, Darius Bucher, has been working in the BC forest industry since 1989. Starting off fighting forest fires, he progressed to becoming a silviculture forester working for both industry and as an independent consultant. His 30+ years of experience is first hand and includes more than 10 years of implementing silviculture programs. He has spent countless hours on the ground monitoring the results of his own and others work. He has a passion for forest stewardship and taking forest ecosystem regeneration practices to the next level. That philosophy is the back bone for the products that we sell.