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RTI Teabag Fertilizer - Planting Hole Placement Technology


Darius started his relationship with RTI back in 1998 when he started using their teabag fertilizer to implement his own silviculture programs for a major forest licensee. Noticing the benefits almost right away, he used the product for years before eventually starting his own forestry consulting business and representing RTI in 2004. Results from monitoring trials that he helped to establish and measure confirmed what he was seeing: enhanced growth that is resulting in healthier, more productive forestry plantations. In the long run, foresters using the product will save money on establishment and gain more volume in a shorter period of time. Getting the word out about the product came naturally as he could easily see the benefits.


What also attracted Darius to working with RTI over the years is their commitment to quality and support. RTI is solutions based and wants to design fertilizer blends that address specific reforestation and reclamation challenges. Therefore, the blends of fertilizer that RTI has, have evolved substantially over the years as technology has improved and they have worked with clients to get a better understanding of what their needs are. RTI’s objective has never been to make the cheapest fertilizer, but to be the best and deliver quality that will deliver over the long term. A policy that will stand the test of time and is consistent with Darius’ own.


Contrary to many people’s belief, fertilizer is not all the same. It can vary greatly in terms of blending, components, and release characteristics. It is very easy to produce a lush tree after one growing season with almost any high nitrogen fertilizer; it is another thing to have that tree continue to benefit and perform over the long term. Just like people, trees require balanced nutrition to perform at their best. Nutrient imbalances that may create a nice looking seedling after the first growing season, can actually set its growth back over the long term and set it up for attack by insects and disease. All RTI fertilizer blends are well balanced to produce a healthy, disease resistant seedling that maximizes its growth potential.